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SexyTrans21, Mujer 22
Acerca de Mi
I am a transgender woman (yes, I have a vagina now :'d). In spite of appearance, I am 'geeky' at heart; for I find interest in video games (genres such as: RPGs/open world; survival-horror, shooter) as well as anime (HxH, Attack on Titan, Fullmetal Alchemist,Hero Academia, Bleach Seven Deadly Sins). Cinematically, I dig comic-based; thriller/horror; Sci-fi/futurism (Star Wars), and post-apocalyptic themes best. Moreover, one of my biggest dreams is world travel-- particularly Europe and Japan. In actuality, I am trilingual: I speak French and Spanish and hoping to pick on some Japanese. Other interests include: astronomy; music (will pick up as a pianist); MMA/martial arts; paranormal and ghost hunting; photography; nature, hiking/wildlife; cosplay; historical and 'conspiracy' theory documentaries, too. . As said, I am an unequivocal enthusiast of history; thus I am interested in antiquity, ancient civilizations, WW2, feudalism, religious history, Norse/English/Scandinavian mythology and folklore (knights, castles, goblins, werewolves, vampires, trolls, dragons, ogres and giants), medievalism, age-old warfare and its technological derivatives; etc; and, mind you, I do have a soft spot for Game of Thrones. As a further matter, I identify as Libertarian. My motto is "Live and let live". Notionally, I believe individuals can and should exercise their their unalienable freedoms so long as third parties are not afflicted (minarchism). This ties in to the fact I am an economics major. Musically, I tune to anything but gear more towards the alt scene: 70's Rock; Heavy//Trash//Black metal; psychedelic//new wave//dark wave EDM. Anyhow, feel free to message me. ~.^ Whatsapp: +13237614024 Snapchat: psychozombie97
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Santa Monica, California , Estados Unidos