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macroleadermain, Male 63
About Me
I'm passionate about having my eyes opened to new experiences and discussing ideas and thoughts. I'm easy to be around, kind of talkative, quick to laugh and smile, inquisitive, very interested in learning about...I am a real human being with real feelings. I am rather clear about communication. I am not afraid to tell someone I care about them. I am deeply dedicated to family life and rather be involved in a family oriented relationship than anything else. I am open to adoption. I am kind, generous, loving and affectionate. I am funny, educated, clever and love to create things. Like food videos. You are one intelligent creature with a wealth of knowledge and devine sensibility. I am seeking a relationship based in deep connective, conductivity, verbal communication and intuitive insightful telepathetic connection. That means I can read you. I get you. I understand you. I am into very long conversations and eye contacting (mirroring).Intimacy occcurs on many levels and I am seeking all of them: mind, spirit, heart, soul and body. Nothing less. I am seeking emotional intelligent discourse. My potental partner's priorities are to engage in profound mutual human contact, mind mining, truth phasing and love meshing.I am a deeply loyal and dedicated human being. I will not settle for less than an absolute relationship based on mutual intercommunication. without that there is nothing.If you understand any of this than you and I should engage in a conversation.I am not really interested in the material world for the most part. That is secondary to my short visit to this planet. I am far more concerned about a deeper experience than identifying with the packaging. Though I love comfort and remarkable food.For me this is the foundation of a more satysfing sexual relationship of deep sharing and caring.
Cars and Motoring, Cooking, Going Out, Health and Fitness, Movies, Music, Reading, Sports, Travel
Rio Rancho, New Mexico, United States