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cuddleOwen22, Male 45
About Me
I've spent some time out of the online dating world to focus on myself and my own personal development. having been a bit of a journey of personal growth, I now have a better sense of self and who I am, and I feel I'm in a good place to attract the right person into my life. I'm looking for a connection on a more deeper level than just the physical, so if your beliefs lie anywhere within spirituality, universal energies and non-physical world then you will know where I am coming from. hoping to connect with an individual who shares the same beliefs or is open minded and is grounded and knows what they want in life. The alignment of our personal values and future life goals will also be important. I really hope to bring the best out of this and if you're interested then let's give it a go
Gaming, Sports, Reading, Health and Fitness, Travel
Magna, Utah, United States