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Myleematinda5, Female 34
About Me
I am purposeful, responsible and I go to my goal. I strive to be the ideal woman that my beloved man could be proud of me. If I had the exclusive opportunity to forbid something, I would have banned betrayals! I do not understand and despise people who cheat on their "second half."I spend my leisure in different ways. First, I am, as they say here about those who travel a lot, a "frog - traveler". I study the culture of different countries, their cuisines, history. I like painting. I love to draw, sing karaoke. I have always appreciated reliability, loyalty, honesty, self-confidence, the ability to express your feelings, no matter how. It is important not to hide them from me! These are the qualities that a real man should have! But the perfect man is a beloved man! And much does not matter!
Cars and Motoring, Gaming, Health and Fitness, Music
Glendale, California , United States