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About Me
Im a pretty laid back friendly dude, friends would probably describe me as a bit of an ace out of the pack, my life is pretty cool at the moment and im glad to be where i am am right now. Yea im a bit over the pubbing and clubbing scene, some might call me an extrovert but honestly i just cant be stuffed anymore, whilst i enjoy a good night out occasionally the dancefloor meatmarket is mainly for the under 25's..sure i can dance but really i would rather just have the chance to meet my dream...
Gardening, Computer, Drinking, Catching up with friends, Beach, Going for drives, Swimming, Documentaries, Going to shops, Learning guitar, Golf, Daughter time, Tennis, West Coast eagles supporter, If they lose the the dockers, UFC, Sometimes watch movies, Trying to cook, Lay buying stuff i dont need, Reading
Lockridge, Western Australia, Australia
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