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SteveeMac, Male 52
About Me
In the past, I've described what I am (haven't we all?), so this time around, I'm going to try adding in what I'm not: *I am not "movie star handsome," but I don't think I'm ugly: I have a welcoming smile, and I'm told I have a wonderful speaking voice and nice legs. I am somewhat overweight, but I feel pretty healthy; my blood pressure is normal as is my cholesterol. My once blond hair has "left the building," so I go with the do-it-myself buzz cut: while that makes for less hair to comb, there is more face to wash. *I'm not rich: I have a decently compensated job that I like, and I pay my mortgage and bills on time, while saving a fourth of my income for retirement. I drive dependable used cars until I'm ready to send them to the boneyard. I'm frugal, but not cheap; I'd rather spend money on experiences than stuff. *I like living in the City of Milwaukee, and I plan on doing so for the rest of my life. *I am very progressive/liberal in my social/political views; if you support the current resident of the White House, we wouldn't be any kind of a good match. I am an adherent of the Baha'i Faith, but I am not terribly devout in it; you are welcome to your beliefs (or lack thereof), as long as I am welcome to mine. *While my children are grown, they always have a home wherever I am, should their need arise. Your children are more than welcome, and I would be open to adopting more should that be desired at some point. *I want to be a best friend and an equal partner in my next relationship, and I want to be with someone who truly wants that as well.
Reading, Sports, Travel
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States